Jennifer Mattern is a professional blogger, freelance business writer, independent Web publisher, and author of several e-books as well as books-in-progress.

With a background in public relations, marketing, and small business Jenn Mattern spent several years running a small PR firm specializing in online PR and social media consulting for independent and creative professionals. She left consulting work behind in 2008 to focus exclusively on the writing side of her business, having begun her writing career in 1999.

Jennifer Mattern develops websites and manages blogs of her own as a way to diversify her business interests, writing about topics including freelance writing, social media, and small business. She also publishes e-books for writers and small business owners and is currently pursuing larger indie publishing ventures, from a nonfiction book for freelancers to a series of mystery novels written under a pen name.

Jenn Mattern is known among her client base for her blunt honesty and ability to think critically about modern issues in business, social media, and freelancing rather than jumping on every bandwagon that comes along. She is able to combine personality and passion into a successful business model of writing and independent publishing.

She also believes strongly in helping others reach their business goals, especially those pursuing business interests through independence. She does this through her freelance writing services, available through

Here at you’ll be able to learn about Jenn’s existing websites and projects, get the latest news on new site and product launches, and join Jenn on her various journeys such as independently publishing her first print book and developing her first fiction series. If you’re interested in her business writing or blogging services, please visit her professional site linked above to submit a quote request.

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